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Ybug allows website users to send visual feedback with annotated screenshots, and automatically attaches contextual information about user environment.

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Easy point & click feedback

Easy point & click feedback

Get all the important information you need to fix the bug. Together with the user’s feedback, Ybug will automatically send browser environment info and Javascript console output.

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Ybug is a popular solution for anybody involved in the web development process – testers, devs, product managers and other team members. It helps improve the web and make the process of reporting and fixing bugs more effective.





Users can make screenshots of your web, comment on particular areas, draw with a virtual pencil, and add arrows or rectangles. Plus, the whole tool fits your branding perfectly – you can customize its colours, texts, languages and more.

  •   Visual feedback with screenshot
  •   Custom branding



Ybug will fit into your workflow easily. It integrates with 2,000+ third-party apps, works in all modern browsers, and can be used on different display sizes, be it desktop, tablet, or phone. You can also install the bug tracker as a Chrome, Firefox or Edge extension.

  •   Chrome, Firefox & Edge extensions
  •   Integrates with 2,000+ apps
  •   Works in all modern browsers and devices



Get all the important information you need to fix the bug. Ybug automatically includes environment details such as site URL, user’s browser, operating system or display size, and captures Javascript errors and console output. Debugging has never been easier.

  •   Get all the information you need
  •   Client-side error recording



Ybug is intuitive and easy for anyone, whether they have technical knowledge or not. The feedback form includes uncomplicated features such as taking screenshots or evaluating the page on a visual scale of stars. You can add the feedback app to your website in a few minutes by just copying & pasting a piece of code into your site.

  •   Easy to set up
  •   Intuitive feedback tool
  •   Quick login for everyone



Ybug is ready to fully support your site, not only with regard to bugs. Its launcher button takes only one small request to load, so that it doesn’t slow your web down. All data are stored in the EU, secured, and anonymized – in a 100% compliance with GDPR.

  •   We care about site performance
  •   100% GDPR compliant

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Here's what our users say
Luboš Š. Luboš Š.
Senior Professional ERP Consultant
Ybug user experience after more than 3 years

I like the simplicity of the parametrization, yet the sophisticated functionality in the background. It is a perfect tool for implementation projects, with no time you will have a prepared solution fur bug tracking and ticket collections. Have been using this tool with e-mail + redmine integration and it was just really good. From user perspective it is absolutely simple, project is defined by the web url where they are standing at and they focus only on the problem reporting. All technicall info is sent automatically.

Vitaliy V. Vitaliy V.
Business Process Automation Specialist / RPA Designer
Great service for less money

The ability to make the screenshots right after the review writing. Very easy to use. There are a lot of integration options incl. webhooks and it's great!

Neil R. Neil R.
Founder & President at TrophyCentral
Excellence Website Widget

Ybug is intuitive and easy to use for someone who by nature is not technical. It is quite flexible - where some tools are limited to bug reporting, we use Ybug not only to report bugs, but to also solicit feedback on specific pages and products. Ybug also provides an invaluable screenshot that enables a customer to show us the exact issue. On top of this, service is excellent.

Noah M. Noah M.
CEO at Webwirkung
Great software for visual bug reporting!

We use it daily to help client capture feedback and send this feedback directly to our project management tool basecamp.

Jakub W. Jakub W.
Software Tester
Ybug is a great feedback gathering tool

Overall it's working great so far, though we haven't been using it very long.

Ybug is as easy to use as it was to deploy and customize for our app. It made reporting bugs, suggestions, and opinions much easier, streamlined, and organized.So far we only tested the integration with Slack, which went very smoothly, and we're looking forward to using more integrations, especially with JIRA.

Benjamin K. Benjamin K.
Project Manager
Easy to use Bug and user feedback plugin

I looked around for a while before I found Ybug and it was worth searching for it. It is way better as other tools I had considered first.

I really liked how easy it was to deploy the software/plugin on my Wordpress website. The feature that users can take screenshots and ad markups is priceless. It really speeds up the troubleshooting process.

Teddy V. Teddy V.
CTO at Wobee
Easy to setup, easy to use

One central tool to get bug reports from non tech users, with a lot of information that help the dev team to understand the problem (url, screenshot, etc)

The Chrome widget is very powerful. Internal users just have to install it, and they can immediately report bug or else.

Samuel E. Samuel E.
Software Developer
Great and affordable solution

The support of the Ybug team is amazing. They respond quickly and do not even hesitate to extend their API if some important feature is missing. That is something you will not get from big players.

Kamil P. Kamil P.
PHP team leader
Easy to install and use, wide variety of integrations

Getting familiar with Ybug really takes a few minutes. Widget for customers is absolutely easy to use and has everything customers might need.

Mateusz W. Mateusz W.
CTO at EscolaSoft
EscolaSoft use ybug on daily basis and find it very useful.

Easy to install process, Jira and Github integration. We found a bug with taking screenshots in an iframe, which was submitted and fixed by the really responsive team.

Artur P. Artur P.
Project manager
Easy to use and integrates nicely with our PM tools

There are 3 main features that I like the most: 1. Unlike other feedback software that we used before, Ybug is easier to launch for each project. It typically takes 2-3 minutes to add a project to Ybug and start sending feedback. 2. It has a nice Chrome extension, which allows to capture screenshots on any website and tag to any project that we are currently working on. 3. Ybug integrates nicely with Teamwork (our PM tool), so each feedback that is submitted on the development websites - is automatically created as a task for our development team.

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