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Set up a Ybug Email integration and receive email notifications with user feedback, screenshots
and detail context information in your email inbox.

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Simple point & click feedback

Collect visual feedback, suggestions and detailed bug reports from your team or clients. Ybug captures screenshot, some important information about the browser environment, javascript errors and console output, making it easy to understand and act on.

Get bug reports as emails

Collect visual feedback, suggestions and bug reports from your team or clients as email notifications in your email inbox.

Ybug automatically attaches important information about the user environment so that you have everything you need to work with the feedback or fix the bug.

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Ybug + Email integration
Here's what our users say
Mateusz W. Mateusz W.
CTO at EscolaSoft
EscolaSoft use ybug on daily basis and find it very useful.

Easy to install process, Jira and Github integration. We found a bug with taking screenshots in an iframe, which was submitted and fixed by the really responsive team.

Luboš Š. Luboš Š.
Senior Professional ERP Consultant
Ybug user experience after more than 3 years

I like the simplicity of the parametrization, yet the sophisticated functionality in the background. It is a perfect tool for implementation projects, with no time you will have a prepared solution fur bug tracking and ticket collections. Have been using this tool with e-mail + redmine integration and it was just really good. From user perspective it is absolutely simple, project is defined by the web url where they are standing at and they focus only on the problem reporting. All technicall info is sent automatically.

Noah M. Noah M.
CEO at Webwirkung
Great software for visual bug reporting!

We use it daily to help client capture feedback and send this feedback directly to our project management tool basecamp.

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