Ybug + Jira Service Desk

Integrate Ybug with Jira Service Desk to get requests with user feedback and detailed
bug reports in your Jira Service Desk account.

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Simple point & click feedback

Collect visual feedback, suggestions and detailed bug reports from your team or clients. Ybug captures screenshot, some important information about the browser environment, javascript errors and console output.

Get bug reports in Jira Service Desk

Get visual feedback, suggestions and bug reports from your team or clients sent as requests directly to your Jira Service Desk (or the new Jira Service Management) support team.

Ybug will automatically include all useful data such as the browser, operating system, viewport size and more.

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Ybug + Jira Service Desk integration
Here's what our users say
We're developing a new product and need feedback from testers. This tool has made it super easy for them to give feedback that makes sense. It saves a ton of going back and forth to clarify what the issue actually was.
John T., Developer at EquinEdge John T.
Developer at EquinEdge

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