Ybug + Trello

Integrate Ybug with Trello to get cards with user feedback and detailed bug reports
right into your Trello board.

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Get reports into Trello

Collect visual feedback, suggestions and bug reports from your team or clients as cards directly into your Trello board.

Ybug will automatically attach screenshot and some important information about the browser environment.

Sign up, integrate your Ybug account with Trello and start receiving feedback as Trello cards today.

Here's what our users say
Ybug is really useful tool with great integrations I mostly use the one for Asana and Trello. Ybug reports are easily readable with clear call message for users and with all the necessary information for me to solve any issue they might be reporting. I have to praise the tech support that responded to my feature request within few hours!
Zuz M., PM at Estheticon Zuz M.
PM at Estheticon

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