How does Ybug help product managers?

It makes the communication between testers and developers more effective.

It provides data for faster product improvements and innovations.

It collects feedback directly from the users of the product.

Effective communication between testers and developers

Effective communication between testers and developers

Bug reporting is super easy with Ybug. There is no more need for complicated technical descriptions; testers simply capture screenshots, draw, comment and use arrows, so that the devs immediately see where the problem is. Communication is fast, clear, and effective.

Data for faster improvement

Data for faster improvement

Product improvements should be based on data. Ybug will give you plenty of them. Together with the user’s feedback, Ybug automatically reports all useful information such as details about the browser, operating system, display size, and more. That will allow you to solve any problems effectively, and adjust the product just according to the needs of your clients.

Collecting feedback directly from users

Collecting feedback directly from users

You don’t need to read your clients’ minds to know what they like or want. They will tell you themselves. With Ybug, you can get honest feedback directly from the users. They don’t need any technical skills; they just click on a button and tell you what they think.

Easy point
& click feedback

Get all the important information you need to fix the bug. Together with the user’s report, Ybug will automatically send browser environment info and Javascript console output.

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Here's what our users say
„Ybug provide simple visual feedback on web-based projects. The functionality is straightforward and very easy to use. Task management is minimal but includes extensive options to integrate feedback directly into popular project management systems.“
Douglas W., President at Espresso Moon Douglas W.
President at Espresso Moon
Zuz M., PM at Estheticon Zuz M.
PM at Estheticon
Artur P., Project Manager Artur P.
Project Manager

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