Ybug + Microsoft Teams

Integrate Ybug with Microsoft Teams and get notifications
as soon as new feedback reports are sent.

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Simple point & click feedback

Collect visual feedback, suggestions and detailed bug reports from your team or clients. Ybug captures screenshot, some important information about the browser environment, javascript errors and console output.

Get feedback reports in your Microsoft Teams channel

Collect visual feedback, suggestions, and bug reports from your clients or team as notifications in your team channel.

Ybug automatically attaches important information about the user environment so that you have everything you need to work with the feedback or fix the bug.

Sign up, integrate your Ybug account with Microsoft Teams, and start collecting feedback reports today.

Ybug + Microsoft Teams integration
Here's what our users say
Unlike other feedback software that we used before, Ybug is easier to launch for each project. It typically takes 2-3 minutes to add a project to Ybug and start sending feedback. It also has a nice Chrome extension, which allows to capture screenshots on any website and tag to any project that we are currently working on. And finally, Ybug integrates nicely with Teamwork (our PM tool), so each feedback that is submitted on the development websites - is automatically created as a task for our development team.
Artur P., Project Manager Artur P.
Project Manager

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