Productboard integration

How to set up

Configuration is per-project in Ybug. To integrate your Ybug project with Productboard, go to your dashboard and follow these simple steps:

1. Go to Integrations tab in your project settings.

2. Click the On/Off switch in the Productboard row.

3. Sign in to your Productboard workspace and authorize Ybug app by clicking the "Authorize" button.

Productboard authorization page

4. To allow better filtering, you can list some tags that should be assigned to the feedback pushed to the Productboard.

Ybug + Productboard integration settings

5. And that's it! Once the integration is enabled, any feedback sent with Ybug is automatically sent to Productboard. You should find the new feedback in the Insights section.

Productboard Insights section

Advanced settings

Note title

You can adjust note title field format to better adhere with your current workflow. The default note title format is [{{projectName}}] #{{reportId}} {{reportTitle}}.

You can use these variables:

  • {{projectName}} - name of the project
  • {{reportId}} - report ID in Ybug
  • {{reportTitle}} - report title in Ybug
  • {{reportTitle}} - report title in Ybug
  • {{reporterName}} - name of the reporter (if provided)
  • {{reporterEmail}} - email address of the reporter (if provided)

Task description

It is also possible to adjust what information will be included in the task description.

  • url - page url
  • reportedAt - feedback datetime in your preferred timezone
  • reporter - reporter name and email
  • rating - feedback rating
  • location - approximate location (Country/Region/City), based on user IP address
  • userData - custom user data passed to Feedback Widget
  • os - Operating system
  • screen - screen dimensions (in pixels)
  • viewport - viewport dimensions (in pixels)
  • browser - browser name and version
  • userAgent - user agent string
  • referrer - referrer url
  • reportUrl - url to the report in Ybug
  • screenshotImage - display screenshot image directly in task description (in addition to screenshot added as a task attachment)
Productboard integration - Advanced settings

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