Chrome & Firefox browser extensions

Best way of collecting feedback from your testers and clients is to use our browser extensions. Take screenshot of your current page, annotate it and send it as a report/task/issue to your favourite bug tracking tool. Works on localhost and protected sites, too.


You can install our extensions from Chrome store or Firefox add-on market. You can also find these links in the settings page of your project.


Once installed, you should see the Ybug extension button in upper right corner of your browser. Click it or use a keyboard shortcut Alt+Y to take a screenshot of your current page.

An editor will open in a new tab (you will be asked to log into Ybug) and you will be able to annotate your screenshot.

Just click the Submit feedback button when you are finished.

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Contact us in case you have any questions or feedback.
We will be happy to help.

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