How to set up

Configuration is per-project in Ybug. To integrate your project with GitLab, go to your dashboard, click the Integrations tab in your project settings and click the On/Off switch in the GitLab row.

Authenticate with

If you use, just keep "I use" selected and click the Authenticate button. You will be redirected to GitLab and asked to give Ybug permissions to access the API.

Ybug + GitLab integration authentication page

Authenticate with self-hosted GitLab (your own instance)

To authenticate Ybug with your own GitLab instance, you must first add Ybug as an application into your GitLab account. You can find the official documentation here.

In order to add a new application, log into your GitLab account and then:

  • Navigate to Profile Settings > Applications and select New Application.
  • In the application form, enter Ybug as an application name and enter into the Redirect URI field.
  • Make sure to select the "api" and "read_user" checkboxes in the Scopes section.
GitLab - create Ybug application in your self-hosted GitLab instance

When you click Save application you will be provided with the Application ID and the application secret which you'll need later when setting up Ybug.

GitLab - copy Ybug application secrets

Now you can continue setting up authentication in Ybug. Enter url of your GitLab instance, Application ID and secret (just copy and paste these from the GitLab Application page). Click the Authenticate button, you will be redirected to GitLab and asked to give Ybug permissions to access the API.

Self-hosted GitLab authentication page

Setting up the integration

Choose a project and optionally a default assignee and click the Save settings button. You can test the integration by clicking the Test button - Ybug will try to send a sample report using current settings in the form.

In the advanced settings, you can also change the default issue title format. The default title format is [{{projectName}}] #{{reportId}} {{reportTitle}} (ie "[My Project] #123 Sample report").

Ybug + GitLab integration settings

After saving the integration settings, all new feedback reports should be automatically forwarded as new issues into your chosen GitLab project.

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